Why Choose Me?

Most of us know someone with some level of proficiency in a foreign language; however, this does not necessarily qualify them to translate with any degree of accuracy, as the following examples clearly demonstrate! Using an online machine translating service such as Babelfish or Google Translate is also full of potential pitfalls.
  • Italy “This hotel is renowned for its peace and solitude. In fact, crowds from all over the world flock here to enjoy its solitude.”
  • French tourist brochure “In France you can cruise on many canals and see the peculiarities.”
  • French hotel “Please leave your values at the reception.”
With thanks to Charlie Croker Løst in Tränšlatioπ, London, 2006.

Professional translators only translate into their mother tongue, are highly skilled at understanding what reads well in the target language and are aware of any cultural considerations that may be relevant. Often specialist knowledge of the particular field of the document is also required to render it well in the target language.

I also work with CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software, specifically SDL Trados Studio 2015, which allows me to be more consistent and quicker in my translations.

For a guide to buying translation please see this link to the Institute of Translation and Interpreting website. Remember, a sloppy, inaccurate translation can often have implications for your business image.

I recently participated in a video marking the release of a book promoting the importance of translation and interpreting, Found in Translation by Nataly Kelly and Jost Zetzsche. Please click here to see the video; can you spot me?